Shawn Lovato

Shawn Lovato is a bassist and composer whose work is part of a scene of musical experimentation that spans the many traditions, approaches, and styles of creative contemporary music. Growing up on the outskirts of New York City, Lovato has roots in its local underground music of hip hop, metal, and punk rock.  These early fringe sensibilities are evident in his commitment to contemporary concert and improvised music, bringing him from CBGB to The Stone to Lincoln Center. As a member of the contemporary ensemble Hotel Elefant he has worked with composers such as John Luther Adams, Richard Carrick, David Lang, and Michael Gordon.  As an improviser, Lovato collaborates with some of the most creative minds in jazz, including those who form the quintet in his debut album, Cycles of Animation.  With Loren Stillman on alto saxophone, Brad Shepik on guitar, Santiago Leibson on piano, and Chris Carroll on drums, Lovato’s quintet blends open improvisations embedded in dark textures and colors with highly composed rhythmic interaction between voices.  The album features compositions by Lovato that present a free and bold voice in contemporary creative jazz.  Cycles of Animation will be released October 20, 2017.