Anna Webber

Saxophonist, flutist, and composer Anna Webber is an integral part of a new wave of the Brooklyn avant-garde jazz scene. According to critics, her music “taps the useful frictions between contemporary classical music and modern jazz” (Nate Chinen, NYT), and she is said to “stand up and give the middle finger to the status quo” (C Michael Bailey, All About Jazz). In addition to her SIMPLE trio, her projects include her septet ‘Percussive Mechanics’, and ‘Jagged Spheres’, with drummer Devin Gray and pianist Elias Stemeseder. In 2014 she won the BMI Foundation Charlie Parker Composition Prize as a member of the BMI Jazz Composers' Workshop, and in 2010 won the Prix François-Marcaurelle at the Montreal OFF Jazz Festival. Webber is originally from British Columbia, Canada.